Eco Planet Coral Rock

Recently I have been working on a material planet set and wanted to explore pushing my Substance and world building skills further. I have been looking to push my presentation skills. I have also been working towards a style that my work is recognized for, I think that pushing down a slightly more stylistic route and trying to do something different and fun with Substance planets I could find this.

I was also inspired by Tyler Bolyard work on the Moana movie, using substance and modelling techniques to create small creatures for a small coral planet. I had great fun learning rigging and animation inside Maya and trying to create life to the ecosystem.

Hope you guys like it!

RockPools Fish Animtation Substance

Ben keeling screenshot038
Ben keeling screenshot036
Ben keeling screenshot039
Ben keeling materialbreakdown final
Ben keeling screenshot027
Ben keeling screenshot034
Ben keeling screenshot041