I have been making this model on and off for a while but this is the final model finished. The concept is by artist Peter Sutherland.

I want to dedicate this to Paul Pepera after hearing he unfortunately passed away. He is a huge inspiration to me and a lot of the reason I made this tutorial. Keep rocking dude :)

The model is made using 3ds max and textured using Substance Designer and Substance Painter. I wanted to make this with the idea of turning it into a video tutorial. To show more of my modelling and texturing process. If you would like to purchase the tutorial you can do at the following link

Ben keeling screenshot002
Ben keeling screenshot005
Ben keeling screenshot006
Ben keeling screenshot007
Ben keeling screenshot004
Ben keeling screenshot008
Ben keeling screenshot000
Ben keeling screenshot001
Ben keeling screenshot003

Mech Turntable