Collab Project - Robot Beach Trash

Justin's contribution to the project here

Robot Beach Trash is a collaboration between myself and my close friend Justin. We wanted to work on a project together for a while and try to incorporate our love for environment art and props into one project. The brief was to create a small diorama that depicted a robot's home full of life and colour. From the outset, we wanted the project to be full of animation creating a mood that was exciting, relaxing, and fun to watch.

Everything in the project is made by myself or Justin, I used various tutorials to learn how to do elements I wasn't as familiar with; such as animation/rigging and effects. We also took inspiration from other concepts/3d work to inspire the look of our project.

I hope you love it as much as we loved creating it.

I made some shaders/animated elements for the project - Flashing and pulsating lights, bulging trash pipes, Stylized Steam, Water and buoyancy effects.

Examples of animations created for the robot. The robot is rigged and animated using keyframe and modifier noise curves in Blender for random rotation/location. I made a flipbook shader for the face and a dynamic thruster effects shader.

Some early robot design explorations, here are some of my favourite designs I created. To decide on the look, I made blockouts in 3d first. I was trying to give the robot a small, compact and cute feel.