Beyond Human Challenge - Hackers Place

Ben keeling mainimage

Main Shot

Ben keeling fridgeshot

Supporting Shot 1

Ben keeling closeupfloor

Supporting Shot 2

Ben keeling showercloseup

Supporting Shot 3

Ben keeling pianoshot

Supporting Shot 4

Ben keeling assetchairs

Asset Breakdown - Chair focal assets

Ben keeling assetsfurniture

Asset Breakdown - Furniture

Ben keeling assetsprops

Asset Breakdown - Props

Ben keeling woodfloor

Materials - Messy Parquet Floor

Ben keeling dustywoodfloor

Materials - Dusty Messy Parquet Floor

Ben keeling roughconcreteceiling

Materials - Concrete Panels

Ben keeling wipgif2


Beyond Human - Hackers Place Video

This is my first big environment challenge, I am really grateful for Artstation for hosting these contests. I always try to learn something with every project I do and this is no excepting. I have learnt so much about time management and what visual changes actually make a difference to the viewer. I have also learnt a lot about storytelling and how to engage the viewer with story clues and bread crumbing. Most of all I have learnt how I want to push my work further in the future and that is something I wouldn't have discovered without the challenge.

The concept for the scene can be seen here:

A big thank you to all the awesome people who provided me help and feedback through the 2 months of work. Your help has pushed me further and given me so many ideas for the future.

You can see my wip thread here: