SD6 Marble Drain

Ben keeling marbledrain5
Ben keeling marbledrain2
Ben keeling marbledrain3
Ben keeling marbledrain4
Ben keeling ep marbledrain render graphbreakdown1

This is the main process taken to blend together the drain detail. The text node is used to make the majority of the shapes with curves to tweak the profile.

Ben keeling ep marbledrain render graphbreakdown2

This is the process of combining the different elements and rings together, it shows how to get the shapes to line up. It also shows the process of getting a plastic underneath to the brass to bed the drain in more.

Ben keeling ep marbledrain render materialbreakdown

Material texture breakdown

I was inspired to create this marble floor drain which is referenced from inside the Vatican.

This was to test the new Substance Designer 6 and its tools. I created the majority of the brass details using SD6 text and curve nodes.